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AG00398_.GIF (10223 bytes)Recent changes and additions to this website.

I completed a major redesign of this website in August, 1998, and have made many changes since then.

I plan to add new things when I have time and will try to keep this page updated to make it easy for repeat visitors to see what’s new.

October 1998: Added Barry Brucker’s latest CUB report. This is an excellent overview of what is going on in the district. As time passes, it should be interesting to review the prior issues, which I will make available so long as there is space on this website. Also, I have added a lot of explanation regarding my key priorities. Finally, a new chart showing 1998 SAT scores, as part of a four year comparison with comparable local districts.

January, 1999: Added Proposed 1999 Official Goals. Board Member Allison Okyle and I prepared this draft for review and consideration by the entire Board. What are your thoughts on this? I have also updated my detailed priorities. Also new is some of my analysis as to why the Board made a wise decision with respect to the Beverly Vista EIR. There are also new pictures and graphics throughout this website. Look for the pictures at the bottom of most pages.

February, 1999. Posted all 4 of Barry Brucker’s Community Update Bulletins. Also added my recent analysis regarding the renovation of Beverly Vista and the number of additional trailers required to support our current permit program.

May, 1999. Posted the first significant analysis of the BHUSD budget ever posted on the web.

June, 1999. Posted the a more advanced analysis of the BHUSD budget.  Then posted copy of latest draft of possible cuts compiled by Budget Committee.

July, 1999. Posted the first of my answers to frequently asked questions ("FAQs").

July, 1999. Posted copy of letter from the Environmental Working Group regarding the safety of our bungalows.

July, 1999. Posted my analysis re bungalow issues.

July, 1999. Posted spreadsheets summarizing modernization bids that will be considered by Board at July 12th meeting.

July, 1999. Posted response to frequently asked question re Board's decision to place Dr. Pellicone on paid leave.

July, 1999. Added e-mail link to Beverly Hills Courier to my How You Can Help Page.

July, 1999. Added discussion of my vote to proceed with the demolition of Beverly Vista -- FAQ #3.

July, 1999. Added discussion of our recent Stanford 9 achievement test scores.

August, 1999. Added Barry Brucker's latest CUB report.

August, 1999. Analysis of 1998 & 1999 SAT/ACT scores and an angry analysis as to the state of education in our district.

August, 1999. Pictures of ceremony celebrating removal of first brick at Beverly Vista.

August, 1999. Partial transcript of meeting where Board voted to proceed with demolition of Beverly Vista.  Hopefully, this will put to rest, once and for all, certain misconceptions that have been promulgated in recent letters to the Courier.

August,1999.   Detailed comparison of 1999 Stanford 9 scores with other districts in LA County.

August, 1999:  Detailed comparison of of 1999 Stanford 9 scores of second graders at EACH SCHOOL with second graders at other schools in LA County.

August, 1999. Comparison of what we spend per student per year with other districts.

August, 1999. Comparison of 1999 Stanford 9 scores of our four elementary/middle schools.

October. 1999.  Posted 1999 Stanford 9 3rd grade language scores (statewide compilation).

October. 1999.  Posted 1999 Stanford 9 3rd grade math scores (statewide compilation).

October. 1999.  Posted Barry Brucker's latest CUB report (very informative).

October. 1999.  There is a new newspaper in Beverly Hills, the Beverly Hills Weekly.  We are a fortunate community to now have two high quality newspapers.  As in the case of the Courier (see above, July 1999), you can click here to send an e-mail to the editor.

November, 1999.  Election results are in.  What are my thoughts?

January, 2000.  I am behind, but Barry Brucker has another outstanding Community Update Bulletin.

January, 2000.  Preliminary analysis of 1999 California Academic Performance Index data.

January, 2000.  Further analysis of 1999 California Academic Performance Index data.  If you like raw data, charts and analysis, this is for you!  I have made an extensive comparison of BHUSD with other select districts, both in Los Angeles county and throughout California.

April, 2000.  Posted Barry Brucker's latest CUB report (very informative).

August, 2000.  Updated my home page.

August, 2000.  Posted Barry Brucker's 10th quarterly CUB report.

December, 2001  Updated my home page and added new page devoted to successful catfishing expedition.

December, 2001  Added a copy of recent interview with Beverly Hills Weekly.

December, 2001  My views regarding the upcoming $90 million bond measure.

January, 2002  Added copies of official District documents supporting my arguments that the $90 million bond measure was poorly conceived and should be rejected in favor of something more reasonable.

January 2002.  Added spreadsheet showing how the District plans to spend the $90 million bond proceeds.  Beware, this is not for the weak of heart or stomach.

January 2002.  Added Barry Brucker's latest Community Update Bulletin (which presents an opposing view regarding the $90 million bond measure).

February 2002.  Added data re 2001 Academic Performance Index scores.  As before, Beverly Hills appears to be paying more and getting less than comparable districts.

May 2004.  Added columns from Beverly Hills Weekly relating to Montage hotel project.


Sandra-Preg.jpg (33579 bytes) My wife, pregnant with our oldest son, Eric.  Note that according to Richard Stone, this picture is obscene, and Barry Brucker was promoting obscenity and should be sanctioned for telling people about my website.

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