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This page contains links to some of the columns that I have written for the Beverly Hills Weekly regarding the Montage hotel project.

Column 1:

Using City Property to Make Our Lives Worse.

Gerald discusses the Proposed Development of the T Lot.

Column 2:

Double Standards.

Gerald Follows Up on President Bush’s Military Record and the Montage Hotel Project.

More Double Standards. 

The City Council Is Piling Insult on Top of Injury for South Side Homeowners.

Column 3:

Greedy Sheep Meet a Hungry Tiger.

 The City Has Been Outwitted in It’s Real Estate Deal With the Developer of the Montage Hotel Project.

Column 4:

Censorship at Beverly Hills High School.

The Difference Between Rights and Right, and a Correction to Last Week’s Montage Analysis.

Column 5:

Viva Montageville. 

Exciting Changes Coming to Beverly Hills.  (please note that this column appeared in the April 1 edition of the Weekly and is my personal favorite of this series)

Column 6:

Helping David Fight Goliath.

How you can write a check to help save all of us from a bad mistake.

Column 7:

Webb of Connections.

Gerald addresses Councilmember Steve Webb’s response to Gerald’s last column.

Column 8:

Webb of Connections Part 2.

Maybe history can repeat itself in a good way.

Column 9:

Truth and Consequences in Montageville.

Why won’t the City Council share its secret documents with the public?

Column 10:

Truth and Consequences in Montageville – Part 2.

Why won’t the City Council share its secret documents with the public?

Column 11:

Truth and Consequences in Montageville – Part 3.

Why does the City Council trust the Montage developer more than it trusts the people of Beverly Hills?

Column 12:

What’s Wrong With The Montage Project?

 Gerald summarizes his concerns regarding the Montage project.



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