Staff memo re Surplus
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Below is a copy of an official District memorandum that told the Board in February 2000 that there should be a surplus of $4.9 million to $7.6 million.  This turned out to be VERY inaccurate.  By November 27, 2001, a scant 21 months later, the staff was admitting to a deficit of $18 million, and the TRUE deficit was closer to $25 million.  This memo also talks about replacing Buildings C & D (the Science and Business Education buildings) at the High School for a cost of $6 million to $6.5 million -- this is a FAR CRY from the amount proposed by the staff in November, 2001 for a new Science Building -- $34,506,757, plus an additional $2,742,489 for luxury offices in such new building for the Superintendent and a small handful of top administrators.


I have always agreed that a new Science Building at the High School makes sense, and was even willing to go as high as $10 million.  However, $34.5 million is RIDICULOUS!



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