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BV Analysis -- 2/24/99
Question 1: How many square feet needed?
Prior answers:
Actual prior to quake


See FMP -- p.VII-5
Facilities master plan


See FMP -- p.VII-6


EIR p. I-2
Latest proposal


Undated Board handout
Correct answer


Even with this we may need portables -- see      classroom analysis
Question 2: How many classrooms needed?
Prior answers
Actual prior to quake


See FMP p.III-29, et seq (count them yourself -- 33 small,   6 medium & 6    large)
Facilities master plan - prior


See FMP -- p. VII-18 et. Seq.
Facilities master plan - proposed


See FMP -- p. VII-18 et. Seq.
Note - need to resolve discrepancies re prior # -- need to count 6 portables to make equal
Current per EIR


EIR p.1 & FMP p.III-29 et seq - 34 portables + 6 in C & 4 in E
Latest proposal


Based on same ratio of #classrooms to sq ft as   FMP
Correct answer I wish I knew!! Needs more analysis
Question 3: Projected enrollment?
Prior answers




See FMP -- p. IV-3
Latest proposal


Correct answer


We are bound by EIR to "approximately" 837,     EIR p.I-1
Question 4: What will it cost to do it right?
(based on highly questionable assumption of keeping all of Bld. B)

$ 671,240

Latest proposal
Site improvements

$ 685,000

Latest proposal
Electrical/Utility Upgrades

$ 830,000

Latest proposal
Bld. B (31,023 sf at$123/sf)

$ 3,815,829

Latest proposal
Bld. C. (23,533 sf)

$ 764,858

Latest proposal
New bld - 75,394 sf at $150/sf

$ 11,309,100

Makes total sf of 129,950 - see Question 1        above
Re-use brick (where faces street)

$ 600,000

Memory/estimate - need to find report with exact #s
Concrete accents - if clever

$ 100,000

Discount arrangements with local artisans
Extra design elements

$ 500,000

Wild guess -- needs more analysis

$ -

Correct subtotal - constrn costs

$ 19,276,027

Based on above analysis
15% contingency

$ 1,729,249

Latest proposal
Total probable cost

$ 21,005,276

5.6% escalation

$ 1,180,497

Grand total

$ 22,185,773

Trim here & there (6%)


Informed estimate
Adjusted total

$ 20,854,626

Rounded total

$ 21,000,000

Question 5 :Sources of Funds
Phase 1
Current budget

$ 14,000,000

Bond interest

$ 2,000,000

Phase 1 Total

$ 16,000,000

Est. # portables after Phase 1

10 to 16

(34-36 now)
Phase 2



$ 1,000,000

$ 2,500,000
State Bond Fund

$ -

$ 16,000,000
Capitalize energy savings

$ 2,000,000

$ 3,000,000
Private fundraising incl alumni

$ -

$ 5,000,000
Additional bond issue

$ 10,000,000

$ 20,000,000
Note that there is significant probability that state bond funds nailed down before we
file BV plan with DSA -- if this happens, all this gets done in one phase.
Question 6: Romanesque Revival -- Can We Make It Work For Us?
Per Langdon Wilson reports & CDE, all 4 elementary school sites now approximately 1/3 of recommended size. Recommended renovation strategy is to build vertically to preserve play space and ambient space. Romanesque Revival benefits aesthetically from 3 story approach as to significant portion of the new buildings & this solves staging problems and may even save money, e.g. less square feet of roof per usable square foot.
Question 7: How much longer are we going to wait?
Due to cost escalation, this will already cost $1 million to $3 million more than if the EIR had been completed in 1995 & construction had begun in June of 1996. We are already over 3 years late in starting this and the Board's lack of decisiveness has, historically, been epic.
So far, the Northridge quake cost BV 3 years (the time that it should have taken to rebuild) and the Board has cost BV almost 3 years (the time wasted before the Board got serious at the end of 1997 plus a fair amount of 1998). If we don't get in gear soon, the Board will be responsible for more days of suffering than the quake. This is a contest that we want the quake to win.
Isn't it ironic that the school that has, by far, the greatest need has been shunted to the position of last in line and most subject to the contingencies that some Board members keep citing as the reason not to allocate anything more to BV. If, God forbid, their doom & gloom projections come true, BV will remain a trailer park for years after the other 4 schools are renovated. If a 10% contingency is now deemed insufficient, then BV is the LAST school that should have to bear the brunt of this, because its needs are the most significant.
Even if we get back on track and stay on track, BV will have been an unsafe, dysfunctional trailer park for 5 to 6 years (1995 to 2000 or 2001). Kids who were in the 1st grade in 1995 will be lucky to have 1 or 2 years at a decent campus.
The answers to almost every possible question can be found in the FMP (Facilities Master Plan & the EIR (Environmental Impact Report). These are high quality documents that included input from key staff members, the community and the Board. We have a good wheel to work with -- lets at least study it before we try to re-invent it.

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