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Below is a copy of an official District report that shows that there are over 600 students who live outside Beverly Hills and attend the District schools based on permits.  Also, it is well know that hundreds of students falsely represent that they reside in Beverly Hills, and this number may be as high as one thousand or more.  No one know for sure, because very little resources are devoted to policing this. Nonetheless, the last page of the current plan proposes twelve new classrooms at the K-8 schools and thirty new classrooms at the High School (note that some of these classrooms at the High School are supposed to replace classrooms in Buildings C & D, which will supposedly be converted into administrative offices..  A very large amount of the $90 million will go to such empire building, which will hurt the resident students in profound ways.


These include:

1.  Overcrowded facilities that greatly exceed state guidelines.  Do a websearch on any search engine to find articles on "ideal" "enrollment" "schools" to easily find for yourself how the District has consistently ignored the benefits of keeping enrollment closer to the ideal numbers.  Each K-8 school can optimally support 500-700 students and the High School should have 1,700 to 1,900 students.  We are already FAR above these numbers, and the situation will be far worse if we build 48 new classrooms.

2.  Even more dilution of the $6.6 million paid by the City every year pursuant to the joint powers agreement ("JPA").

3  Greater opportunities to return to the prior practice of Board members and their friends influencing permit decisions to do "favors" for their friends who live outside the District.

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