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FamilyInColor.JPG (45566 bytes)Links to other websites

Official BHUSD Website

PCM3 Website — check here for information re renovation of our schools

New: Ballot initiative to require only bare majority to approve school construction bonds.

Official California Department of Education Website

Comparative data re California public school districts from Ed-Data

Index to websites of other districts

Stanford Accelerated Schools Project (we should seriously look into this)

Project Appleseed — comprehensive links to other sites

Lists of California Distinguished Schools

Legal information from California Dept. of Education

National Education Association

National educational goals & performance

TIMSS Report — international math & science information

Center for Education Reform — very informative

EdWeb education reform website

Educational Excellence Network — useful information & links

Mathematically Correct — Information & links re better math programs

Information re SAT tests from College Edge

Demographic information from California Dept. of Education

Ed-Data analysis re California educational expenditures

Los Angeles Times compilation of school report cards

Money Magazine college selection site

National School Boards Association website

Princeton Review college rankings

Official SAT website

Underground Guide to the SAT


S&G-formal.jpg (148088 bytes)My wife & me SEVERAL years ago.

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