FAQ #4
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4.  What are my thoughts about the recent election?

As I write this on November 8, 1999, the latest election results are as follows:

Willie Brien           2,984 votes (31.37%)

Alissa Roston        2,916 votes (30.66%)

Virginia Maas        1,818 votes (19.11%)

Allison Okyle        1,793 votes (18.85%)

The public has, once again, sent a clear message that it wants new voices on the Board.  Of the five Board members who were serving in August, 1997, one has resigned, two were defeated in the 1997 election, one was defeated a second time in the 1998 election, one declined to run for re-election and one is leading by 0.26%, with an undetermined number of ballots uncounted.  Depending on the remaining ballots, either one or none of the 1997 Board members will remain. 

All five candidates in the recent election repeatedly promised the public that they could work with Barry Brucker and me, and I am confident that the new Board will work together more effectively than any recent Board, whether or not the fifth seat is filled by Virginia or Alisson.

I am also pleased that the new Board members advocated platforms that include many of the ideas on this website, including a line by line budget review, long term budgeting, cracking down on illegal attendance, and teaching values and ethics.  I also agree with Virginia's proposals to implement curriculum standards in English and math at every grade level, to add science in the 9th grade for all students, and to facilitate cooperation and collaboration among Board members to benefit our children's overall education.  I plan to do EVERYTHING in my power to help  WHOEVER takes office to make every one of these things happen before I leave the Board in December, 2001.

Our school district now appears to have all the ingredients to make the beneficial changes that the voters have voted for over the past 3 elections:  five Board members who are committed to change, a Superintendent who has the experience and skills to guide us and effectively implement change, and a public that is watching closely to make sure that the promises are kept.  Please get as involved as you can.  The stage is set and there should be no excuses not to move rapidly towards becoming the #1 District in the state.

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