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Community Update Bulletin

By Barry Brucker - President BHUSD Oct.-Dec. 1998 

Dear Friends,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you had a healthy, safe and joyous holiday season.

One year ago, I stood before you with a vision and promise of excellence for the Beverly Hills Unified School District. I am proud to say we have been, and will continue, on this road of excellence in education. Detailed below are some highlights, accomplishments and challenges from the BHUSD during this final quarter of ‘98.

SUPERINTENDENT PELLICONE TAKES CHARGE: On October 1st Dr. Robert Pellicone took over the helm of our School District. Out of 55 excellent applicants, Dr. Pellicone was this board’s #1 choice. Dr. Pellicone has already made his presence felt with his effective leadership skills, commitment to accountability and vision for educational excellence. He was instrumental in successfully packaging the Beverly Vista EIR and the allocation of the City’s 5 Million Dollar school upgrade. As a child advocate, Dr. Pellicone’s philosophy is simple... "What is best for the children?" I believe the BHUSD is in good hands with Dr. Pellicone leading the way.

NEWSFLASH!: In November, your School Board unanimously voted to build a NEW BEVERLY VISTA while saving a few of its prized historic features. This decision allowed for a win-win opportunity for Beverly Vista and the community. Building a state-of-the art school necessitates demolishing several of the BV buildings. In so doing, we will accommodate the educational and programmatic needs of our students currently, and for decades to follow. The bell tower and auditorium at Beverly Vista will be modernized to maintain its historic features and architectural integrity.

$ 5 MILLION THANK YOU’S!: Thank you to our City Council for your continued support of our schools and our children’s safety. There isn’t a community in this country that values and supports their public schools like Beverly Hills. Because of the generosity of the City of Beverly Hills, all of the school’s in our district will benefit. The High School will enjoy major renovations in the auditorium, new athletic fields, lighting and a new track. Student run KBEV Channel 6 will receive new equipment for the media center. All four elementary schools will see modernization in their auditoriums and on their playing fields. They will also enjoy brand new playground equipment along with new landscaping. All five school libraries will be linked with our city public library.

COMMUNICATIONS: Tune into KBEV channel 6 for added programming options. For the first time, you can see student performances, field trips, the Madrigal Singers along with our Football games and regular board meetings. Under Dr. Pellicone’s leadership we will see more health and educational programming, student and staff features, drama productions, lectures and community forums.

We have definitely accomplished a lot this past year, and there is still more work to do. This year will be a year committed to vision, growth and tolerance. Some of my goals for 1999 include:

Moving swiftly YET smartly with our district-wide modernization program and the building of a new Beverly Vista School. The design, costs, quality, technology implementation and programmatic needs will require careful attention to details.

Exploring additional funding sources. This will assist the BHUSD to reach our maximum desired physical and programmatic potential. State Bond monies, corporate grants, personal donations with progressive naming opportunities are all valuable options.

Raising the educational standards for ALL students, tackling ways to enhance test scores, improving study skills training, and re-evaluating our High School AP course opportunities. To achieve our academic expectations, students, parents, teachers, and administrators all need to be partners in educational excellence.

Utilizing the incredible talents of our community through our newly formed Education Commissions. (Note: We are oversubscribed with outstanding applicants which is a true testament to our community’s commitment to education.)

Continue to increase the avenues of effective communication with the community at large.

In the spirit of community involvement I believe the following avenues of communication will encourage active participation by our community. 1)Test market Internet E-mail questions or comments to be read during board meetings. 2)Hold Board Meetings at each of our school sites. In so doing, we give people who would otherwise not attend these meetings a chance to participate. 3)Initiate periodic community forums that invite an exchange of ideas.

This upcoming year we will be face some unique challenges. Each of the schools in the BHUSD will experience inconveniences related to construction and modernization. If we want this vision of educational excellence to become a reality, we will need everyone’s support, understanding and tolerance. We must communicate with each other about needs that are not being met, as well as acknowledging the efforts of those that go above and beyond the call of duty for our schools. 1999 should be a year of growth for our district.

Dr. Barbara De Angelis sums up my philosophy in the following quote:

"No matter who you are, no matter how you spend your time, each day you have dozens of opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the people around you whom you know, as well as the people you don’t know"... Let’s make a difference in the lives of our children.

In conclusion, your Board of Education and Superintendent are proactive, always accessible and anxious to promote a healthy dialogue. Please don’t hesitate to call, write or e-mail at any time. Constructive comments are always welcome, valued and encouraged.

Warmest Regards,

Barry Brucker


Phone: 310-523-4657 office (best time) 310-550-1114 (home)

Fax: 310-329-0943 office 310-275-7739 (home)

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