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Community Update Bulletin

By Barry Brucker - Board member BHUSD July-Sept. 1998


Dear Friends,

I hope everyone had a restful summer and is looking forward to exciting times for our "New" School District. Detailed below are some highlights and accomplishments from the BHUSD during the summer of ‘98.

WELCOME DR.PELLICONE: With over 55 qualified applicants for the job of Superintendent of Schools, we are proud to announce that the Board’s unanimous first choice also chose Beverly Hills. Dr. Pellicone joined us on October 1st from Eastchester, NY where he served as Superintendent of Schools for the past seven years. Under Dr. Pellicone’s leadership, the Eastchester School District was recently recognized for having two of its schools (including its High School) as National Schools of Excellence.

Prior to hiring Dr. Pellicone, four members of our School Board visited Eastchester, NY and interviewed more than 50 people including teachers, union representatives, counselors, city officials, Police Chief, Principals, students and current and former Board Members. The general theme from those we interviewed described Dr. Pellicone as a strong leader with a vision for excellence. Bob empowers his teachers and staff, he is an advocate for community involvement and communication, and he always responds to the concerns of parents, teachers and students. He holds monthly coffees so parents and community members can speak candidly about school related issues. Doctor "Bob" Pellicone always puts the interests of the children first and is not afraid to make tough decisions if and when necessary. I think these characteristics are just what our District needs...and expects.

Please get to know Dr. Pellicone. He is a fine man with a hunger for bringing our district up to the level of excellence that this community demands. As the architect of our children’s educational needs this community and its citizens are in good hands...welcome Bob Pellicone.

SPECIAL THANKS TO DIANE DAWSON: This Board and the community are indebted to our Interim Superintendent (and Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum) Diane Dawson for her superb leadership during the summer months. Diane along with Assistant Superintendents Ray Cutten and Wes Stewart handled all of our construction challenges, personnel issues and set the tone for a positive opening of school. We are eternally grateful to Diane Dawson for her energetic and enthusiastic leadership and unconditional dedication to making our district the best it could be. We look forward to continued excellence in her role as Asst. Supt. of Curriculum.

MODERNIZATION BEGINS: As promised, we finally put the shovel into the ground this summer with over 8 Million Dollars of Bond monies on infrastructure at all five campuses. We re-roofed, replaced sewer, electrical and plumbing lines to our schools, wired in our new phone system and laid the foundation for our HVAC upgrade. This summers work is in preparation for our massive construction and modernization program scheduled to begin on June 25th.

EIR AT BEVERLY VISTA: In November the Board of Ed will vote on the construction and modernization requirements at BV. We must decide through our EIR process whether we will re-hab and modernize our older buildings or demo them and build a new school. We have spoken with architects, preservationists, community activists, principals, teachers, parents, city officials, lawyers and EIR consultants. Our job is to factor the programmatic, historic, environmental, construction and health and safety issues into a workable equation. We must keep in mind that we have to look toward the needs of our children’s children for the next 20-30-50 years.

FEMA: As I stated in last quarter’s CUB report, this is the most frustrating part of my job. We have recently hired a political consultant to assist in "encouraging" FEMA that we have an entitlement to our fair share of disaster relief and mitigation funds. We will keep you posted on our progress.

COMMUNICATIONS: I am pleased that Dr. Pellicone is a communications advocate. He believes that the Board and Community are entitled to know where we excel and where we have room to improve. Check out our District TV station KBEV Channel 6. You will see more programming, construction updates, sports, classroom activities, lectures, music and drama productions and the Superintendent’s State of the District speeches. You asked to be kept informed and we’re delivering.

Along with our expanded KBEV programming, check out our website, PCM3 Website on construction progress and your local school PTA newsletters. Also check out Board Member Gerald Lunn’s website ( ) which details his platform for improving the quality of education in Beverly Hills.

THANK YOU CENTURY CITY HOSPITAL: Through the generosity of Century City Hospital, our schools once again have two full time nurses to service our children. This donation along with health education programs featured on KBEV is a prime example of how our corporate partner Century City Hospital directly helps our students and community. A special thanks goes to John Nickens CEO of Century City Hospital and BHEF Board Member Dr. Mark Weiss. Together they established this partnership and continue to cultivate its expansion.

COMMISSIONS: In June we formed Board of Education Commissions. These commissions will tap from the brain-trust of the community for their input and recommendations. Forming Education Commissions was a first for the BHUSD. I am thrilled that Dr. Pellicone shares our vision for community involvement and has promised to "drive" this program. Four commissions are now accepting applications including Construction Advisory, Financial Advisory, Arts and Community Relations Commissions.

IMPORTANT VOTE ON NOV. 3rd: Please vote YES on Prop. 1A This state bond measure allows for matching funds for our modernization program. Our schools could realize approximately $11,000,000 in additional funds. Please vote NO on Prop. 8 This measure is deceptive and will cost public schools tens of millions of dollars in bureaucratic waste. It won’t help the kids or our community.

As always please feel free to call, write or e-mail me. I do want to hear from you and respond to your concerns. I will continue to send community update bulletins on a quarterly basis as a mechanism to keep the lines of communication open. I thank you for letting me serve this community. We have a lot to be proud of and together we will realize our vision for excellence in education.

Warmest regards,


Barry Brucker

Home: 310-550-1114 Office 310-523-4657 (most convenient for me)

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Please note: No expenses relating to this mailing were borne by the BHUSD

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