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Community Update Bulletin

By Barry Brucker - Board Member BHUSD Apr.-Jun. 1998

Dear Friends,

Whew! We finally made it through the first quarter of ’98 and what a learning experience. The turbulent first quarter turned into a productive second quarter for our school district. Although I was told that our Board meetings came in a close second in ratings to Seinfeld, I am sorry to say that we didn’t have the vision at that time to sell commercial time. We could have funded the entire modernization program. Second quarter Board meetings have proven less dramatic and entertaining yet have been very productive. Detailed below are some of the highlights and accomplishments of the second quarter ’98.

ELECTION: Hold the nitro! The April 14th election results has proven once again that the community was looking for change, vision and strong leadership. Lucky for our schools we have it all and more with our new Board Member Allison Okyle. Allison has ramped up on the "details" in no time, is an articulate communicator, intuitive thinker and is highly respected by the Administrative Team and entire Board.

AWARDS AWARDS AWARDS: What a delight to see first hand the accomplishments of our students from K-12. Our students have received top academic, community service, art and music, and athletic awards and recognition. Kudos to our fine professionals who are turning our kids on to education…it shows.

COMMUNICATIONS: With added programming on KBEV, greater access to district news and Board communication through our web-site and a more open and people friendly board atmosphere, we are moving in the right direction. The BH Courier has once again embraced the schools with its positive news coverage and accurate reporting.

FEMA: If FEMA were run as a private enterprise it would be broke. I would rather be a mouse in a maze…forget the cheese, than attempt to tackle the Government bureaucracy. We are doing the best job we can though even at this late time-table.

CONSTRUCTION: Stand up and shout! Hurray! We finally put the "shovel into the ground." As promised in my campaign in November, I would do everything possible to see to it that the shovel turns dirt this school year. On June 22nd we had our official ground breaking…did you see it in the Courier? The good news was that as we were breaking ground for the cameras and news media, all five schools had scores of workers tearing off roofs and beginning the process. I have never loved dust and grime so much. Special thanks goes to Max Maxwell and his team at PCM3 who is overseeing the construction job.

BOND MONIES: In May we issued over $60,000,000 in bond monies for our schools. Not only will we be able to enjoy the arbitrage but we received a superb bond rating. Great job to Sol Levine, our Financial Advisory Committee and Rod Carter our Bond Council.

FAREWELL SOL: This will be my chance to thank Superintendent Sol Levine for his tireless efforts in supporting our schools for the last 8 years. Sol has maintained his professionalism from the first day I took office through the last day on June 30th. I applaud his commitment to integrity, professionalism and dedication to our schools. I wish him happiness in his retirement and thank him for building such great depth of leadership with our senior Administrative Team.

SUPERINTENDENT SEARCH: Our application period has ended and hopefully among the scores of applicants we will find the right match for our district. July will be the weeding out time and interviewing period so wish us luck. In the mean time, feel free to send a welcome aboard card to our interim Superintendent Diane Dawson. Diane will do an outstanding job. Her creativity, smarts, energy and extraordinary vision will be greatly appreciated over the summer.

COMMISSIONS: Finally…After the first try in February, I finally did it right by defining and re-proposing to the Board the idea of Board of Education Commissioners. Board of Ed. Commissioners will be selected through an application process currently available from the Superintendents office. The following commissions will be formed:

Construction Advisory Commission: This commission will be comprised of

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