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Board of Education Commissions

Its too late to apply for this year to be considered for appointment as an Education Commissioner, but not too early to apply for next year. This is a major responsibility, second only to being elected to the Board. If you are qualified and willing to work hard, you can make a major contribution to our schools.

General Overview.

Candidates for Board of Education Commissions should have a good working knowledge of the City and the School District, including history, traditions, physical layout, demographics, etc. Candidates should be able to analyze complex matters, communicate effectively with the Board, public and staff. Candidates should also be able to work cooperatively as team members to reach fair and impartial decisions. While a candidate may have expertise in one aspect of the Commission applied for (e.g. construction, real estate development, psychology, marketing or technical arts), he/she should have equal interest in pursuing a well-rounded program of community services.

Commissioners should also be able and willing to reach difficult and sometimes unpopular recommendations. Commissioners will serve the District best when they are able to maintain an impartial position until all parties have been properly heard as part of a formal meeting. Recommendations should be based on the merits of a particular case.

Board of Education Commissions are five or eleven member bodies (depending on the Commission) which work closely with the Board of Education and the Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent is also responsible for providing staff support for each Commission’s meetings.

Commissioners will be appointed to 1, 2 or 3 year terms as drawn by lottery. After the initial formation, Commissioners will serve 3 year terms. Commissioners chosen in 1998 whose terms are 2 years or less as chosen by lottery will be eligible to serve up to a maximum of 7 consecutive years.

One member of each Commission will serve as Chairperson for a one-year term. The President of the Board will choose the Commission Chairpersons, who will serve for up to one year. The Vice-President of the Board will choose the Vice-Chairpersons, who will become the Chairpersons when the Board Vice-President becomes President.

The Vice-Chairperson will provide backup whenever the Chairperson is absent. The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson will also meet with a two-member Board of Education liaison committee as needed.

Prior to each meeting, Commissioners will receive their agenda and a packet of staff reports. Depending on the length and complexity of the agenda, Commissioners should expect to spend sufficient time reading staff reports and visiting school sites when needed. Commissions will also be subject to various procedural rules that insure that the public will have reasonable access to their deliberations.

Brief Descriptions of the Four Commissions.


Construction Advisory Commission (eleven members).

This Commission will have regular meetings as required for oversight of planning, bidding, contracts and construction. This Commission will be comprised of knowledgeable, creative members of the community with experience in construction, structural engineering, architecture, interior design, technology or any related field. The Commission will lend its expertise to the District’s construction and modernization projects regarding what is needed to provide facilities effectively, educationally, programmatically and within budget.


Financial Advisory Commission (eleven members).

This Commission will be comprised of knowledgeable, creative members of the community with experience in a variety of financial venues. The Financial Advisory Commission will assist in developing creative uses of District real estate with respect to revenue enhancement and supporting debt service. The Commission will look for ways to raise needed funds for construction and modernization through property acquisition, sale lease, development, etc., work with the Board and BHEF on ways to market or license logos or trademarks owned by the District. The Commission will also assist in coordination of naming opportunities for school site donations, advise on Bond expenditures (both current and future measures) and look for alternative funding sources through creative financing, grant partnerships, energy savings and purchasing/accounting practices.


Arts Commission (five members).

The Arts Commission will evaluate opportunities to promote creative, technical, visual, journalistic, music and theatre arts. Commissioners will work with the District Director of Creative Arts to coordinate with the City of Beverly Hills in joint art exhibitions, concerts, internships, etc. This Commission will work closely with the art community to maximize access of our students to city and community sponsored programs, look for ways to bring outside art museums and exhibits to the high school, and work with the Director of Creative Arts in coordinating and facilitating internships with professionals and corporations involved with technical arts (i.e. architects, film studios, newspapers, theater companies, city orchestras, etc.


Community Relations Commission (eleven members).

The Community Relations Commission will be involved in promoting better community and school relations. This Commission will advise the Board on all phases of communication from the District to the community in all media. This Commission will also advise the Board about promoting the strengths and identifying the concerns of our schools, advise on ways to promote multicultural interfaces and achievement, and advise the Board about how best to communicate with the community about social problems such as cultural bias, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, violence, and verbal abuse. This Commission will also advise the Board regarding optimum use of KBEV, Channel 36, community update bulletins, newspaper articles, and web page information.

Click here for an application that you can print out or call 277-5900, extension 210 to have a copy mailed to you.

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