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In August of this year, I found the time to take my son Gerald III to Lake Anaheim to fish for the wily catfish that inhabit its depths.  We arrive at the lake at about 10:00 pm for some serious night fishing.

The first couple of hours were pretty uneventful.  We enjoyed the gentle breeze and the opportunity to cruise the lake in almost total darkness.  There was also plenty of junk food and meaningful conversation.  At about midnight, we went back to the dock to stock up on snacks and bait before the tackle store closed.  Then we decided to get serious.

Catfish, especially large catfish, have an affinity for sluices.  We had already found and tried the only sluice in the lake, without even a bite.  However, I had a hunch and we went with it.  We rigged up with some tasty mackerel, spiced with garlic and some secret catfish powder (don't ask).  After about 10 minutes at the sluice, my son caught the first fish of the night, a two pounder.

After that, the wind started to pick up, and the fishing slowed down, until approximately  1:00 am, when I made a cast right into the center of the sluice (which was under a bridge and surrounded by pesky vegetation).  Within a minute, I thought I saw my pole move and decided to set the hook.  To my dismay, it felt like I hooked a log or a rock, because whatever I had hooked was very heavy and was not moving.

As I reeled in line and pulled against the rock/log to free the hook, the rock/log started to pull back.

As you can see from the pictures below, the sluice turned out to be the home of several very fine catfish.  Catfish love sluices, mackerel, garlic and my secret catfish powder, and the combination proved irresistible.

Note that these pictures were all taken at about 5:00 am and that we had a fine catfish dinner that evening.



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