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Below is the latest staff compilation as to POSSIBLE cuts.  Again, it is unlikely that the Board will

adopt all of these, and the public will have a significant opportunity to make its views known before

we vote on this.


Our deficit next year is projected to be in the range of $500,000 to $600,000 if we make no cuts. 

This would be over $1 million if we were not receiving a windfall in the form of a workmen's

compensation refund of approximately $500,000.


I want to eliminate any deficit and try to run a surplus next year, because I fear the need for

unanticipated expenses relating to construction and other matters.  This would require over

$500,000 in cuts, some of which will be painful.  I also want to move forward on increasing

revenues (see page 2 above), so that we have long term funding for the years when we will

NOT receive a $500,000 windfall.  In particular, I believe that we could raise more than $500,000

per year from alumni over the long run, if we took some relatively simple steps in this direction.


As before, I present the following information in the spirit of informing the public and the staff, and

can give no assurances as to what the Board may ultimately do about any of these items.

I think that it is only fair that you know what might be cut BEFORE we cut it, so that you can

make your views known and educate me (& the other members of the Board) in advance of

any decisions.

Possible Expenditure Reductions for 99-00

Where I stand as of 6/27/99

A. Eliminate one elementary counselor

$ 72,821

Painful cut, but we would still be significantly above average

B. Eliminate one elementary librarian

$ 72,821

We are extremely high on this & can rotate so this is fair to all 4 schools

C. Eliminate 2/5ths psychologist at HS

$ 27,967

Painful, but I think we could maintain services through greater efficiencies

D. Eliminate one PE teacher at HS

$ 48,796

Painful, but lower priority for me than many other items, especially if we cut mandatory PE to 2 years (from current 3)

E. Reduce GATE encroachment - one position

$ 45,878

I am leaning towards keeping GATE as is

F. Freeze technical arts position at HS

$ 71,929

Painful, but seems wise for 1-2 years, then restore

G. Move art coordinator to classroom

$ 26,265

Painful, but we will still be far above average

     on 2/5ths teaching assignment & cut to10 months instead of 11

H. Reduce textbook allocation

$ 50,000

Need more information, but looks promising due to fact that we have spent so much on this in recent years

I. Reduce property/liability insurance premiums

$ 25,000

Need more info -- looks like $10,000 more realistic

J. Reduce utility expenditures

$ 10,000

Need more info and a plan

K. Improve purchasing procedures for

$ 25,000

Need more info and a plan

    goods & services

<Speculative items shown in red>

L. Reduce travel & conference expenditures

$ 10,000

Cut this -- information available from other sources -- focus on the most important conferences and sometimes send fewer people

M. Reduce new employee credit for prior service

$ 10,000

Lets be careful here -- don't want reduction in quality

N. Proposed district reorganization

$ -

Need more information re this

O. Freeze maintenance & operations -- 2 trade positions (painter and helper)

$ 77,000

Makes sense -- we won't need to maintain buildings that are under renovation while renovation occuring -- I think that we might be able to cut some other maintenance positions as well

P. Eliminate ROP director position --

$ 67,170

Lets try this for 1 year

    reassign as R-Factor only

Q. Eliminate one counselor position at HS

$ 78,688

Painful, but we could reduce the pain by referral pooling plan

R. Eliminate home economics position at HS

$ 58,394

An old friend, but most districts have cut

S. Eliminate 2 elementary instrumental music positions

$ 97,592

A wonderful program, but a luxury that we can't afford right now -- note that this will still leave 2 music teachers at each elementary school -- FAR above average

T. Eliminate one clerical position

$ 34,758

Need details

U. Eliminate one FLES teacher position --

$ 48,796

Superintendent suggested doing this anyway, for educational reasons

    grades 4 & 5

V. Cut library acquisitions by 50% over 2 years

$ 10,000

Need more information

W. Reduce music equipment acquisition

$ 10,000

This merely conforms our budget to what we spent during the past 2 years

     to historical levels


$ 978,875

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